About Me

While I have never been a lawyer quite myself, I have taken quite a few law classes. I had one streamed upon a time of finishing law school getting my GED opening a practice in battle in the world, however in life sudden and that was just not a realistic option for me personally. Being a lawyer is extremely time-consuming and you are quickly unavailable for the rest of your life. If you want to have a family including children you have to be prepared to miss many functions and simply cannot be a present person.

That is not the kind of lifestyle that I aimed for.

Instead I think that it is important to still offer as much help and guidance as I can while running a small loft office. Obviously I don’t make as much money as a partner would, however I do appreciate being able to help them solve cases and save the world.


I wrote this blog not as just a means to help people who are interested in running their own offices, but also to help people who are more curious about the functions of lawyers. Often people seem to think that lawyers or some kind of serpents are snakes that are out to get them, however lawyers intentions are to defend people and up with a lot of the heist there abilities.

The laws extremely important without life we don’t have government without government we don’t have stability or safety for the citizens of our country.

Lawyers have been defending the masses since the dawn of time. The push for justice and honesty among all people of every class. I think a lot of people seem to take those voices for granted or misconstrue what their intention was for. And they go on both ends of the spectrum. First they’re the people that do not trust lawyers no matter what. Even if the lawyer is going to help them, they think that the lawyer is out to get them or steal all their money, which is seriously just not the case. The other type of person are the ones who earlier happy, meaning they want to consult with her lawyer about every indiscretion that may happen to them in their entire life. And while some people are in the right and should be suing someone for damages, it does seem to happen all too often especially in our country that people are suing for things that perhaps could have been mediated.

I hope that you find my blog informative and helpful, and perhaps with you a different viewpoint on how laugh this is actually function as well as the amount of people and time that go into a singular case. While I know I will never go to law school and become a lawyer in my own right, I do appreciate that I can offer support in any way that I am able to. And while you may be taking your latest for granted, do you know they’re the ones that can help your situation and improve your life and even in some cases save it.